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About AAPK


About AAPK

Whether you need a web site designed, want to dive into social media marketing, need a project consultant or want to create a marketing campaign that incorporates social media, the web and print - AAPK has over 16 years of experience to help you achieve your goals. AAPK helps you create a web presence that is not only functional, but achieves your goals and is pleasing to the eye.

Founded in 1996, AAPK has worked in a variety of industries including pharmaceuticals, banking, insurance, retail, manufacturing, service and printing.

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Founder Amy Potts has 30 years’ experience in marketing, design and computers. Ms. Potts was recently the Director of Digital Store Fronts and Marketing for Universal Graphics, a diversified marketing/print firm that works with the Healthcare Industry. The Digital Store Fronts allowed companies to maintain branding and messaging while giving their sales personnel the ability to customize and order marketing tools on-line. She has also worked for Bayer Pharmaceuticals as a web and marketing consultant; creating product, corporate and intranet sites and strategizing the future of global e-business for the company.

Amy writes a weekly newsletter (Amy’s Biz Tips) that covers Excel, Word, PowerPoint, Web, Marketing and Social Media tips. The newsletter is featured weekly in local Patch.com.

We have consulted on many projects, created web sites and marketing campaigns for clients who have had nothing more than an idea. AAPK developed logos, design elements, marketing messages and web sites to get the clients’ message across to the viewer using various technology, such as:

  • Content Management
  • Shopping Cart
  • Social Media
  • Cross-Media
  • Flash
  • Interactivity
  • Visual Appeal

We can also help you with Excel, Word, and PowerPoint because we are MS Office experts. Come explore the work we’ve done and then contact us to get your project started with AAPK!

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