December 5, 2013

Volume 101

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PowerPoint - Find/


LinkedIn Premium -
Is It Worth It?


You Have
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PowerPoint - Find/Replace

Inevitably, when working on a presentation, many things change throughout the development process. How do you react quickly and efficiently to these changes? Use Find/Replace to identify where changes need to be made.

Find/Replace simply requires you to enter a string of characters (text, numbers, special characters, spaces) that you want found or changed.

Find will search a slide or the whole presentation for a string of characters and will identify where they reside. So for instance, your supervisor is asking you which slide contains the word “biological” - instead of searching through each slide using Find you can ask PowerPoint to locate it for you in moments.

Replace will find the character string and replace it with the new character string you indenify. I use this often to remove double spaces from between sentences and replace them with one space.

To access Find/Replace on the Home Tab locate the Edit box (at the end of the Menu Ribbon). Both Find and Replace give you the option to further specialize your search by choosing to “Match Case” (only match if caps and lower case letters match exactly) or “Find Whole Words Only” (results will show the exact word and not if it is part of a word – such as Fox (whole word) vs Foxworthy (where fox is a stem of the word)).

Find/Replace saves you from errors, since it will find all occurrences of characters which you might miss if searching on your own, as well as ensuring that when you replace a string of characters it gets replaced the same way on each instance. This feature is also available in most Office programs.

If you need help with an MS Office project contact me at I have a lot of experience with PowerPoint, Word, Excel and other MS Office products.


LinkedIn Premium - Is it Worth It?

Have you wondered if upgrading to the premium version of LinkedIn is worth it? I wondered myself, so I took them up on a free month trial offer. Here is my experience with the Premium package.

They claim to give you the following with the Upgrade:

  • See the full list of who's viewed your profile
  • Contact anyone with InMail
  • Full profiles of all in your network
  • See expanded profiles
  • More search filters and results

Well, not sure if it was because I got a free month, but I didn’t notice anything that blew me away. The only change I noticed was it said Premium on my LI header bar - I didn’t see the full list of who’s viewed my profile, expanded profiles or additional search filters. The only extra thing I noticed was my ability to send InMail. But, I quickly found out that InMail is highly frowned upon by members – as if it’s spam.

So my conclusion is – don’t waste your money unless you have an extra $25 to $75 a month to spare (and if that is the case send it to me instead of LinkedIn to supplement this newsletter! LOL)

If you have questions on how to use Social Media to promote yourself or your business contact me at


You Have To Laugh

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Amy’s Biz Tips are brought
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