December 12, 2013

Volume 102

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Excel - Recent Document Options


Using Graphics Safely
 in Emails


You Have
To Laugh


Excel - Recent Document Options

When opening up an Excel file you will see a list of recent files. Did you know that you can change the number of recent documents that are listed or “pin” a file to remain on the list?

This feature is turned on by default, but it can be turned off as well by setting the number of recent documents to 0. The maximum number of documents listed is 50.

To change the number of documents: Click on the Microsoft Office Button (in 2007 and above) and choose Excel Options at the bottom of the window. Choose Advanced from the left navigation and scroll down until you see Display, there you can enter or use the arrows to increase or decrease the documents shown. The maximum is 50.

To keep or pin a file in the Recent Documents list: Click the Microsoft Office Button, and then click Pin (sideways push pin) this document to the Recent Documents list. When a document is pinned to the Recent Documents list, the pin button looks like a push pin viewed from the top (see below).


Use this list when you can’t remember the name of a recent file or you just don’t want to trek through your folders to find a file you work on often. 

If you need help with an MS Office project contact me at I have a lot of experience with PowerPoint, Word, Excel and other MS Office products.


Using Graphics Safely in Emails

You get these emails many times daily - ones that contain graphics or a background to make the message stronger and now you want to create one. Did you know that there are various ways to add graphics to an email and each method can cause different issues?

First rule is that you must have your email format set to HTML – this is generally the default setting for most email programs.

Below is a chart that outlines the various ways to use graphics and their potential downfalls.




Easy to Save for Receiver

Resulting Email File Size

Viewed as Spam*


Add to graphic using "Insert"

Lower quality of resolution



Yes - most likely


Insert/Attach (generally shown with a paperclip)

Maintains original resolution


A larger file will take longer to load in a recipient's email client

Yes - sometimes

(using a graphic from the web) 

Reference a URL**

Maintains original resolution




* Each email server has different rules about what they deem as potential spam - AOL and Gmail tend to have the toughest rules.
** In order to use this option, you must have a web server to host the file on and then refer to the file in the HTML as a URL - such as

So, next time you want to add a graphic to an email you now have the necessary information to make a decision about the best way to do it.

If you need help creating email marketing programs, please contact me at


You Have To Laugh

Funny Video: Kangaroo Boxes Toy Hippo  ...  Click here


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Amy’s Biz Tips are brought
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