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Social Media Marketing
Social media marketing (SMM) planning, strategizing, and campaign management.

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Social Media Marketing

Are you confused by how to best use social media for your company’s goals? It’s not surprising. Social media has become a major competitive player in communications for every company and organization.

Everyone is wondering- what are the right vehicles for my business? How does Social Media combine with the marketing we are doing? Who will maintain it, and how often? How do we monitor it? What is the best way to get conversations started?

AAPK can answer these questions and help you navigate the web and social media. Social media marketing is a natural extension of web design. What you create socially has an impact on your web site, how it is used and the success of your business.

We offer:

  • E-mail newsletter creation, consulting, mailing and monitoring
  • Social media marketing planning
  • Teaching your staff how to maintain that plan
  • Maintenance of your social media campaign to free you up to do your job
  • Monitoring the results

To stay current, we read and monitor what is going on in the social media world and your industry daily so we can be pro-active with creative ideas for your business.

Contact us to find out how we can help you navigate the web and social media.

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