Our Story

Amy Potts, Owner of AAPK, has been helping companies with creative and analytic marketing for over 25 years. Amy is a left and right brained thinker, she is both analytical and creative - not a common combination. This gives her insight that allows her to identify the problem and create and implement the solution.

"As a fan of Nancy Drew and a passion for archeology since I could read, I love a good mystery, digging for the truth and finding answers."

AAPK's Approach

Observing, listening, understanding and analyzing data are the keys to discovering where your problems reside and how to solve them.

AAPK will ask lots of questions to get to know you and your business goals. We will discuss the problems you are experiencing and what information is available to understand and analyze them.

Then the magic happens, we get into the process of digging through data to find the patterns and solutions. Or we are getting creative and designing new marketing campaigns, collateral or web site.

Amy Potts

Amy Potts