Business Analysis

Having problems with your business but just not exactly sure what it is or how to fix it? By looking into your businesses data we can find the problem and recommend solutions.


For over 25 years Amy has been developing marketing materials, branding campaigns and web sites for small companies to large corporations in a variety of industries.

Web/Social Media

Helping you navigate the web and social media; from web site design, advice, SEO, social media campaigns to understanding how your digital marketing campaigns are working.

Software Implementation

Finding the right software or POS system can be a challenge. At AAPK we can assess, recommend, implement and train staff on a variety of software for companies.


When every penny counts

Most business are in business to make a profit. Looking deep into what makes up those profits, how to stop losses and ways for your business to make more is what AAPK does.

Brain Storming

Some times just brainstorming with an un-biased party helps you see your business more clearly and allows ideas to flow. We are here to spur on that conversation, listen and offer advice.


Next Steps...

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